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Comparison of India's Teas

Assam black teas are more malty and full-bodied than teas from Darjeeling, which tend to be complex yet more delicately flavored, as they are grown in the unique climate of the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Teas from the highlands of the Nilgiri or Blue Mountains have a fragrant, fruity character. Darjeeling teas are grown from the China varietal 'Camellia sinensis', whereas the Assam varietal is 'Camellia sinensisassamica', as is the Nilgiri. Assam teas are characterized by their large, glossy leaves which create a fine loose leaf tea.

When experiments in tea cultivation undertaken in Darjeeling and Assam succeeded, they encouraged similar endeavors in other parts of India that had similar natural conditions. These efforts have led to a thriving tea industry in parts of the Northeast and South India. At least ten distinct tea producing regions can be identified.

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Pahadi Tea strives to bring the finest grown teas to your cup by working hand in hand with a group of small tea farmers from north east India, who produce only a small quantity of high quality handcrafted teas in a year using sustainable agricultural practices.

By choosing our tea you are empowering these farmers with enhanced livelihood opportunities and improved living standards.

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 Every tea lover understands that tea is best when it is fresh from the gardens, to accentuate the same freshness, we stepped in to bring forth the much needed innovative tea specific supply chain mechanisms and innovations for timely delivery of tea. And that too without compromising on the impeccable flavor, irresistible essence and the ever soothing taste. We import our teas direct from the artisan farmers. This makes our teas fresher and also less expensive. 

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Health Benefits of Tea

 According to the American Heart Association, researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine gave black tea to 70 people with coronary artery blockages for four weeks to study its effect on blood vessel function. At the conclusion of the study, they found that the patients' blood vessels had become nearly 50 percent more efficient. The researchers believe that the flavonoids in the tea prevent plaque from forming on artery walls, potentially protecting tea drinkers from artery disease

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